Office for Anti-Propaganda

Office for Anti-Propaganda, 2007 – 20012
Installation view:

“Opening the Door? Belarus Art Today”, 2009
Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius

“Opening the Door? Belarus Art Today”, 2011
Zacheta, Warszawa National Gallery

The president’s platform, 2009
300x 700x 200cm
Antrepo, 11th International Istanbul Biennial

The president’s platform, 2007
300 x 700 x 200cm
Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Bad Ems

The President’s Platform (2007) might be mistaken for a minimalist sculpture, but is actually a copy of the platform owned by the present government of Belarus, whose leader is Alexander Lukashenko. For important events the platform is set up, as a propagandistic instrument to glorify his statesmanship and divert attention from politics. The absurdity of this solitary red pedestal reflects on the excessive use of the term ‘platform’ as an imaginary basis for dialogue and freedom of speech, whilst at the same time this freedom of speech is stifled in most ‘democratic’ societies. The stage also makes reference to the exhibition as a space where subjects that are otherwise suppressed can be discussed and reflected upon in a way that is beyond real politics.

Belarus in figures, 2009-2011
Installation view at Zacheta, Warszawa National Gallery

Belarus in Figures is a serial of diagrams, which are compiled from the numbers taken from the annually statistical reference book „Belarus in figures“. This book provides information on the socio-economic situation in the state. The figures should give the right and proved information about the agricultural produce, industrial products, education, number of employed, the population size and should provide a very stable image of the state to its citizens.

Constitution of the Republic of Belarus in Images, 2012
Конституция Республики Беларусь в картинках, 2012
Pages from the book (Constitution), C-print