Marina Naprushkina is an artist, activist and author.

Founder of:
Started 2007 as an archive on political propaganda with the focus on Belarus the „The Office for Anti-Propaganda“ drifted to a political platform. In cooperation with activists and cultural makers „Office“ lounges and supports political campaigns, social projects, organizes protest actions, and publishes underground newspapers.

Neue Nachbarschaft //Moabit (New Neighborhood//Moabit): the neighborhood initiative
to support refugees. Started 2013 as a single initiative „Neue Nachbarschaft“ grew up to an
one of the largest initiative in Berlin. 
Buesselstrasse 26, 10553 Berlin

Neue Nachbarschaft //Studio 26
Is a free school of arts and media. No previous experience required. Everyone who wants to get involved is welcome,
regardless of age, origin, sexual orientation, religious or educational background. 
Buesselstrasse 26, 10553 Berlin 

Refugees‘ Library: is an archive on courtroom sketches dedicated
to asylum and migration politics.

Беларусь//Институт Будущего (Belarus//The Institute of the Future): educational
platform dedicated to politic, art and feminism, held by artists and activists in Minsk, Belarus.