Marina Naprushkina is an artist, activist and author.
Founder of:
Started 2007 as an archive on political propaganda with the focus on Belarus the „The Office for Anti-Propaganda“ drifted to a political platform. In cooperation with activists and cultural makers „Office“ lounges and supports political campaigns, social projects, organizes protest actions, and publishes underground newspapers.

Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit (New Neighborhood/Moabit):
tarted 2013 as a single initiative „Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit“ grew up to an
one of the largest initiative in Berlin. 

Neue Nachbarschaft //Studio 26
Platform for art as a tool for political and social action / for people with and without a refugee background / all ages

Refugees‘ Library: is an archive on courtroom sketches dedicated to asylum and migration politics.

Беларусь//Институт Будущего (Belarus//The Institute of the Future): educational
platform dedicated to politic, art and feminism, held by artists and activists in Minsk, Belarus.